Legend of Shoemaker “NIKOLAUS TUCZEK”

After a month travel in Italy, my friend who lived with me found these beautiful TUCZEK bespoke crocodile loafers with iconic chiseled tow.
Some says TUCZEK is a nirvana for shoe collectors.
If you love shoes, you absolutely know George Cleverley and John Lobb, don’t you?
Cleverley had learnt and worked in there for 38years in TUCZEK before starting his own shop in 1958.
The brand N.TUCZEK finished in 1969, which is next year of John Lobb taking over the remnant of TUCZEK.
This legendary brand was in 17 Clifford Street, London from 1938 ~ 1966 before moving down to 21 Jermyn Street.
17 Clifford street TUCZEK is the pairs we can often see, even though it is hard to find TUCZEK shoes. Besides, George Cleverley was also in the workhsop at 17 Clifford Street long time.

masters of shoemaker that still lives in London know more history about TUCZEK. You might visit and talk about it.

You may see old TUCZEK shoes collection in G.Cleverley or John Lobb St James’s Street.

shop history

4 Arthur Street, Oxford Street 1853-1855

24 High Street, St Giles’s 1856-1861

109 New Bond Street 1862-1886

39 Old Bond Street 1887-1903

15B Clifford Street 1904-1937

17 Clifford Street 1938-1966

21 Jermyn Street 1966-1969


photos by wosanai




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